Saturday, October 8, 2011

SEO or Readers

SEO or Readers Which is more Important for Blogs

There comes a Time when you Have to Make a Decision on who you are Writing your blog for is it for your daily blog readers or are you Writing your Blog For Search engines. Sometimes it is hard to include keywords in your Content when trying to maintain that you are not a robot but a Real person and you will need to think that other people will not Subscribe to your Blog if it is written with just Keywords and not meaningful Content.

But there is a Way out of this you can Simply write your Blog posts naturally and later Edit them to include Target keywords so you will keep your Readers Happy and later the Spiders will visit.It can be hard to write a Keyword rich Article on your Blog and keep it Meaningful because you do not want your Readers to think that you are keyword stuffing.

Writing your Article and edit it later is the best way to Keep your Readers and the Search Engines Happy test out this method on your blog and remember that you only need about 10% of your Articles to be Keyword rich and leave the Rest just natural.

By optimization of your older Articles you will pull in new Readers from the Search engines and these will Also become Regular Readers if you Do it the Correct way.

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