Thursday, October 6, 2011


Title Tag-What is the name the video?

Start with what you think people will write on Youtube. If you have a baseball swing

instructional video, do not call "my baseball swing November 9." Call it something

such as "How to Hit Home Run Every Time You Connect" or "How to Swing

Baseball bat. "I think you get the picture.

• If you're still stuck, use the key tool of Google. See what kind of phrases people

type in your niche. Getting as close as possible to the exact phrasing of people write


· Consider using Wordtracker as well. Some say they have better statistics than the

adwords tool above, but I still like the Google toolbar

• Note that if people are looking for videos of a well known brand,

person, firm or of the author, they can use that name in their research. If you know a

famous person in your niche, make a video of him to pay attention

back to the YouTube channel. For example, Ben Hogan has been analyzed for decades

One of the best golfers who ever lived. If you make a video course, make the analysis

Ben Hogan swing. So when people see the rest of your videos, your

opportunity to present their own theories about the golf swing.

• Description: There are some things to do in the description.

o First, put the url of your site in the first line, so people can see it. It

Always nice to have links to your site (and if you have seen enough,

some of these people will click through to your website).

Or secondly, to add a brilliant description of the use of keywords. Feel free to write

some pieces here. Youtube shortens the box to the viewers, if you are

should not be so no more typing.

o One thing I've seen work is to refer to a person popular

YouTube in the video description. For example, say you made a

photoshop tutorial. Suppose you knew about 80% of the data, but

Video of John Smith, an expert in Photoshop Youtube, helped get the last

20% of the information. If a sentence description of the words

"Special thanks to John Smith, known as photoshopguy200" videos can

list the name of the handle of his real name. (PS these are the names of


°-tags not as important as the first two things, but make sure you do not form

random tags. "How to Navigate" is much better than "make waves" in terms of collection

labels for use. Tags are a kind of tiebreaker after the description and title. To maintain


· YouTube Channel Name Your goal is to get people not only looking for

Video in your niche, but also in search of you by name. So do the channel name

easy to remember. Say this phrase to yourself: "Go find (insert Youtube

channel) on Youtube. The videos are so funny. "It is a sentence flow? A great name

allow people to talk about your videos easily.

2. Attach a video one of my favorite ways to get more views is to access your youtube

channel, go to 3 or 4 related videos and post a reply to the video. Youtube done

Easy for you to choose one of your downloaded videos. The key, however, is to select a movie

has only a few answers. I often watch videos with 35 video response!

I suspect that this may create a link to the original video (good for SEO), but chances are

no one really watching the video. Watch the videos in your niche with nearly 10,000

points of view. These are the and angles, and these are the ones that are likely to be only a few

Video Response (or not). Here's your chance to get views.

3rd Make your videos, when I say "brand" of your videos, there are two things I'm talking about

here that can improve your status on YouTube. The first is the conventional mark: having

The introduction, for each video, a logo, same style, same manufacturer, the same people. People

begin to trust you on YouTube, if they can come back again and again for quality video.

Another type of label I'm talking about is actually the name of the video. Once

who have received some views using other tactics to rename your video "(Name of

Mark). Name of the video "For example, say you make videos about caring for your car

under the handle "carwashking". After getting some videos on your videos on cleaning,

hair, and otherwise care for your car, change the titles. Now they will read

"Carwash King: How to wash the car."


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