Friday, September 30, 2011

Hacking Nokia S60 v5 phones

U can hack your S60 V5 nokia phone to install UNSIGNED applications!!! as nokia  doesnt allow us to install UNSIGNED applications. here's the way to do so!

NOTE : This HACK WORKS Only to those Who Got Their Certificates From O.P.D.A

What is HelloOX2?

HelloOX2 is an One step Hacking tool for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone.
Hacking mean that it can get full access to your phone's system folders and files, with this capability, HelloOX2 could install a root certificate to your phone, and with the root cer & key pair you could sign any apps to install, include the Manufacturer capabilities requested apps. Completely fix annoying certificate error!

How to use it?

Install to your phone, just run it after install. All steps run automatic, just wait and see.

What HelloOX2 does?

1. Map drive
2. Unpack Hacking files to the virtual drive
3. Activate file system
7. Unmap drive
4. Install root certificate
5. Install RomPatcher+ (by Il.Socio)
6. Optional Install Modo (a full system files access file manager by leftup)
8. Done!

RomPatcher+ is just a bundle app included in HelloOX2, apply installserver patch in it should let you install any unsigned apps. Unfortunately, it may not works correct on some future device or firmware, if it doesn't works, please use the leftup cer & key pair included in HelloOX2 package to sign your apps.

- include RomPatcher+ v2.0 (by Il.Socio), totally replace the "old" ROMPatcher
- RomPatcher+ working on all Hackable phones, so all phones would install it automatic
- root cert and RomPatcher+ installation back to E90
- compatibility fix for N81


2. select installserver and open4all

3. Now select ADD TO AUTO

Download HelloOX2 form this link

DONE .. Now install any UNSIGNED Application !!!


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