Thursday, October 6, 2011

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts In A Browser

As we know that Gmail is the most reliable source to create Email accounts. It had been trying to improve itself day by day. Sometimes we want to use multiple accounts to work upon. Even me had sometimes problems due to this. However, Earlier Gmail does not allowed users to access multiple Email accounts in the same browser simultaneously. So, Gmail launched an awesome feature in it to help users to access multiple accounts in the same browser. This feature is known as Multiple sign-in which is newly introduced by Gmail.
Steps to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts at a time:-
* Login into your Gmail Account.
    * Select the profile picture button present at the top right corner of your Gmail Account.
    * Select Account Settings.
* Now you will be redirected to another page. You will see the Multiple Sign-in option there.It will show it off. So, click on Edit Option.
* Click on Turn on Option and mark all the conditions and save the settings.
* Now you will need to sign out of your Account and again login into it.
* After login in click again on your profile picture button present at the top right corner of your Gmail Account.
      Now you will be able to see a new option "Switch Account", Click on it.

* Click on Sign in to Another Account. You can login another account from here.
From here, you can access multiple accounts of your choice according to your need.

Now you do not need to open several browsers to access different Gmail accounts.
However, you cannot open Blogger or Picasa accounts simultaneously, but you can access your Gmail accounts

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