Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Few Android Security Applications

Android is the creation of some

Buzz around with all its fantastic users

saving features and applications. Millions of

applications and the games are available


so let's have a look at some

applications that will help you protect your data

and privacy.


Another good all-in-one app, which protects

data and privacy. You can track

The position of the phone in case its stolen or

lost by you. It basically sends a sms

default alert to a contact. Who has this amazing ability to locate, lock and delete a

the device remotely. Yes! You can clean

the data remotely if the phone can not be found.

Even if it does not provide anti-virus

protection, and provides a backup

restore the system.

Was recently acquired by WaveSecure


Downlod it from here.

Norton Mobile Security

This application has received as well as the characteristics

the applications mentioned above. As follow-up

remote locking and eliminate the ability, etc.

Besides, you can block or control

incoming calls and text messages to some people

your call log.
 it's free  to download.
Get it from HERE .

Lookout Mobile Security

This is  the best applications to protect your

phone against viruses, data loss, etc. appprovides anti-virus, malware and

spyware blocking features. It also scans

all applications installed on the phone to prevents you from using these applications in the

in the future.

If you lose your phone, you can follow

phone location by phone to locate on the map

function. This seems mainly an alarm

the device itself, when asked to follow.

Another nice feature of this application is that it

allows you to save and restore your data

like - contact, photos, text messages and emails

Download it free from here 


It allows users to password protect any

an application stored on their phone. This

Application security takes a step further

even allows users to password protect any characteristic of a mobile app.

Many users experience the benefits of

about this security.

The Protector allows users to password

to protect different applications, such as Android

Chat, notepad, calendar, photos, settings,

Email, Gmail and  SMS inbox.

A downside of this application is that

do not provide a recovery service pin. So it

can create a lot of trouble if you forget or

lose a PIN.
Download it free from here.
That's it guys. 


  • December 8, 2016 at 10:11 PM
    Blogger says:

    I have used Kaspersky protection for a few years, and I'd recommend this anti-virus to everybody.


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