Thursday, October 6, 2011

How To Make Free Calls Worldwide From PC

Today, I brought an idea of ​​what you can do unlimited free calls worldwide by small tool.making worldwide free calls, you need some tools to download.

The first piece of software called the Java 3

Second FriendCaller Software.

The third trick its 5.5 version.

Now I will describe in detail how to make free calls with the tools mentioned above.

1) First you need a computer with internet connection, 

2) The second requirement is that you need your computer has Java, if Java is not installed on your computer so you do not get.

3) After Java is installed properly, download the software now FriendCaller fromHere. After FriendCaller is fully installed, open FriendCaller from your desktop. Now you register with your correct e-mail. Now, a check is sent to your email. Open your email and verify your account, if unchecked, will not be able to make free calls if you have free credits.

4) Now login to your account after a successful verification and click the phone icon.

5) We are now the important part of the case, now in turn software called cheat engine. 

6) Run the cheat engine and click "open process"

7) Then click on the call a friend and open it. Now, Dial the number you want to call the call friend.

9) Now in Cheat Engine, you can hack the speed the rate at 0.00 Edit and click "Apply" Now you're done! This cheat will freeze your timer so you can use for an unlimited period. If the gel is not used, then you will be able to call only 10 sec.

Using this trick, when you call you will be charged 0.02 out of a total of 10 credits. If the claim is ready to re-register and make a new account. You can make free calls.

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