Thursday, October 6, 2011

Important Things To Know About Windows Mobile 8

8 Windows Phone all the features to be included we have always dreamed of. And the Windows operating system for PC 8 is ready for release. This phone Windows 8 will be very different from other phones.

Check out the features of Windows Mobile 8:
Office Suite:

Windows 8 phone organizes all our office documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and a note. These documents are stored in different colors, which means that Word documents saved as blue as green as the title documents Excel, PowerPoint files and red as a warning that ownership documents purple.

Web Browser:

Internet Explorer 8 is created in Windows that allows phone users to browse Web sites or blogs easier and more secure than other browsers. We can usually be found malware or viruses of different Web sites. But in the case of Windows Internet Explorer 8 will phone the certificates that allows the user to protect against these types of websites.


Using the Zune S W / we can save a copy of our contact information. The images, language profiles, wallpapers, videos and music files on your computer. We can use the Zune software for Windows 8, we phone to buy movies and music. Microsoft may open the 3 party cloud services technology, as the album by default.


Windows Mobile 8 supports messaging through the net. It helps you to get involved face book, GTalk, Windows Live Messenger instant messaging contacts and contacts traditional text.


8 also supports multitasking Windows Mobile phones like the iPhone and Android. Multitasking and helps to keep running without the use of RAM. We have applications very quickly.


Windows Mobile 8, all connections can be organized using polar people. It also supports importing contacts + Social Medias such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter,  Windows Live Contacts and LinkedIn. We can arrange for groups, add pictures to contacts, speed dial, multi-numbers, etc.

When enabled in Windows Mobile 8 will be greeted with the welcome screen. In this lock screen image to the date and time, calendar of events and how many emails have been read. These are all features available on the home screen.

There are a few meters of the information is also available. And 'battery information, date, time, and more are available when you start the user controls right.It wipe out a list of applications running and bring to the fore every sweep. Although Windows 8-phones make more applications at the same time does not use the entire screen.

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