Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Make Your Link Building Natural

It 'very easy to understand this if you need to consider Google's shoes. Today

hundreds of links in a directory of scripts that can create thousands of minute debris, such as pages,

and these pages can give you thousands or millions of backlinks.

These aspects are of any value to Google?

No! Measured value for Google users, who want to find quality information in these pages

are garbage, trash, and he agrees.

But if you get a link to a content site than the value of this page (and backlink)

increases even for Google. You have created new information, this is considered a

a person who uses Google Web surfing. It is "corrupt" Google is the most precious

gift - new information. Backlinks of this kind of pages are real gold.

Your backlinks are non-overlapping sites!

Duplication of the content of more than one year remains controversial issues on the EES. Will Google

punishment and the content DUP or not?

Different opinions.

But here we must consider the problem from the perspective of Google. Will

Happy tons of content pages of Google DUP? No!

Backlinks be constructed from relevant sites.

This is another sore SEO gurus, because no one says for sure if it is against Google

backlinks to sites not relevant or not. Google does not say anything officially, because

I hate giving away the details of its algorithm and the general things that can be

interpreted in both ways.

Surely you should not have major problems because of the backlinks of irrelevant sites. Otherwise

Your yoga niche competitor paid porn site gives you thousands of backlinks, and

This will get your site deleted. Google understands that penalties for inbound links is a

Measuring stupid and unrealistic. Therefore, the logic is sound - not bad for

backlinks from irrelevant sites.


Think Google and interests again.

Is it a porn site on the recommendation of yoga is like the precious place for Google?

Maybe not, much better than a recommendation for the site about yoga is the inverse of the second

Yoga or the site webmaster or a site of fitness.

This brings us to the simple conclusion: there is nothing wrong dramatically

Get the backlink site irrelevant, it is better to get backlinks from sites

your industry or niche, which is next to your industry. Gardening fits well with

Leisure, finance adjustment lending niche, free of debt, pensions and business, health

ok with the diet, health, basic life skills and fitness tips.

i hope this post will helpful to you.

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